30. My Lyme Story

This week marks two months of Lyme treatment on the Cowden Protocol. Treatment doesn’t seem as daunting as it once did, which I can probably attribute to two things. One, that habit has set in. It takes 30 days to form a habit and now I’ve doubled that. Second, that treatment has lessened some of the mental symptoms. It’s easier for me to process Lyme now that the anxiety and brain fog have become less dense. At first it felt like a personal attack; my body was obviously under attack and taking significant hits that I was not being protected from.

What did the onset of Lyme feel like? A constant worn feeling, accompanied by headaches, came after a sickness that left me feeling bedridden this past summer. (I say feeling bedridden because I continued fulfilling my responsibilities and stayed in bed only on break time.) Allergies were building and pretty soon I was constantly in the state of allergic reaction. I’m very intuitive to my body and could tell something was wrong, but no one could help me while I was at camp.

A whole nother aspect of Lyme is the mental side of things. It is unusual for me to have trouble putting concepts together or understanding complex explanations. But my grasp of such things started slipping. Writing became practically impossible for me over the summer. Even now I have trouble thinking clearly and remembering things, and writing doesn’t come nearly as easily as it used to. It’s been interesting to learn what it’s like to be less “sharp.”

Though fatigue and brain fog are the two symptoms that still haunt me the most, the emotional side of things definitely had a huge effect for a while. My brother told me back in September, “You’re so emotional these days. Everything makes you cry.” Lyme can mess with your emotions and in my case made me even more prone to anxiety attacks. I had trouble breathing on more than one occasion because of the heightened anxiety. Lyme also destroyed my sleep patterns for about a week and gave me an appreciation for the sound sleep I get once more. A wave of depression usually comes with each new or worsening symptom. Especially when I’m in pain, the depression wins out.

Other weird symptoms come and go with irregularity. The strangest symptom so far would have to be the Lyme version of Pink Eye. It was only bad for about 10 hours, thankfully!

Currently, my treatment includes:

  • Getting sleep to help my body heal
  • Eating a diet that does not feed the Lyme and provides nutrients for my body (non-processed is the goal)
  • Drinking 3-4 pints of water per day
  • Taking the Cowden anti-microbials 4 times daily
  • Going to a Far Infared sauna 3 times a week for detox and pain management (heat is bad for the bacteria that cause Lyme, as well)
  • Taking glutathione for energy, detox, and to build up body
  • Taking prescription RG3 methylcobalamin sublingual for energy and to bring down inflammation in brain (cut down in brain fog)
  • Taking OmegaGenics SPM Active (omegas) to bring down inflammation and support neurons
  • Taking Ferritin for thyroid (energy)
  • Taking Natural Cellular Defense (Zeolite drops) for metal detox
  • Taking probiotic for detox and to build up my gut, which is closely connected to both the immune system and the brain
  • Taking lots of vitamins, especially D and C, to help out my body
  • Mild exercise
  • Rest so that my body can use the energy it has to heal

As I’m sure you can imagine, my life revolves around all this treatment right now. Most of my days are spent at home and I often watch more television then I consider healthy. Thing is, I don’t have the energy to do many other things. Even reading is draining! Every day I have to watch my energy consumption carefully, but I’m just thankful to once again have some energy to keep track of!