Intentional Seasons

I like to think of life as a series of seasons. Each one has it’s own set of specific values. Also, each person’s season will look different from anyone else’s, even if they look very similar on paper just because we each have beautifully unique lives. 

Social media often feeds off of the similarities in our seasons, though, and can influence the choices we make during our own personal seasons. For example, being a college student is villianized by social media. High school students are trained to think that college life is full of late nights, Ramon noodles, coffee, stress, and partying. Well, most of those things can be cut out if you are intentional; it’s all about priorities, not what “everyone else” is doing. This is not a guilt post trying to get you to quit social media, though. Social media is an awesome tool for connection, encouragement, and spreading knowledge. Sometimes I think we just need to be reminded that it is influencing us in a lot of ways. Are those good or bad ways? Are we letting it make our daily decisions for us? As my professor asked us today, “Are you more influenced by others or by yourself?” It’s something good to consider when examining what decisions we are making.

If we want to get better at anything, we should study the right way to do it, versus the wrong way. This applies to living each season well. I think we tend to know most of the time when a season starts and ends. (That’s not to say we don’t try to fight the change at times.) Something changes either in life or in our hearts and we know it’s time to move on in one way or another. 
As a college student, each year is split up into mini seasons: two semesters and summer. The classes I take change each semester. My schedule and the people who are in my life (to varying degrees) change with each one of those mini seasons, as well. 

I think there are two words that will help us live every season well: seeking and intentionality. Both of these are verbs. There’s a reason for that: We must take action to live well.

When we are seeking God, He will let us know what we need to know when we need to know it. We must have an open heart and be quick to prayer. There will be plenty of confusion along the path called life, but if we keep seeking, we are sure to find answers! (Also, there is a constant tension of faith. We won’t have clarity very often as to what God I doing, but none less, we must trust that He is working. Our job is to live out the next action asked of us and trust.)

Living with intention is the difference between being happy or unhappy with your life when looking back. Seasons of life can take over and make our decisions for us if we let them. We have to make time for the things that are important, or else they will slip away.

I encourage you to write down what your values are for the season you are currently in: what do you feel are the most important things for you to focus on? That list may fluctuate throughout your season and that’s okay. God’s leading changes with time, in my experience, and following His most recent guidance is more important than sticking to the list you started with. Yet, it can bring a lot of clarity to actually write out on a piece of paper the things we want to be intentional about in the season were in. 

So what are you going to value today and in the coming days?


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