Community, Influence, and Jesus

Hello again! It’s been a while since I posted anything. A couple weeks ago school started back and life got crazy a week before that. In those three weeks, I’ve experienced some of the sweetest joys along with multiple deep disappointments. In other words, it’s been a roller coaster ride. One of the main things that has kept me somewhat positive through it all has been my family and friends. Relationships play a huge role in our lives.

I’m a firm believer that you cannot really know someone until you spend a day with them doing everyday, ordinary stuff. In those moments, humanity, personality, and character peak through. It’s where facades are blown away and a foundation of trust is built.

I think this mindset is a major reason why God has me attending the church I am. Relationships are valuable to the church as a whole. I get to see the leadership in so many levels living in humble relationship with eachother and those they serve. I don’t think I can see how much they give up to build these relationships, nor do I think I can see all of the community and growth that comes from it. I do know God is getting a lot of glory from the investment that goes on, though.

There are many people I want to be like, and a whole lot of them attend my church. They’re not perfect people; they each have very different personalities and hobbies. (For example, the senior pastor who is at least 70 years old still goes on backpacking trip in places like Alaska… I can’t decide if I think he’s crazy or if I want to be like him when I’m his age. Haha.) Anyway, trying to live a life of perfection is not something I run into very often there. They are genuine. I don’t think you can be genuine while trying to hide all your flaws. I don’t think you can impact someone’s life in a big way without being genuine. I don’t think you can impact someone’s life without either introducing them to Jesus or helping them draw closer to Him.

When we walk in the light of community, it will reveil the places we are walking in sin. Those brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers in Christ should be pushing us toward Jesus always. It will hurt at times, but it’s for our good. That’s why we must be in close relationships, so we can speak into each other’s lives in meaningful ways. Pruning is good for plants and it’s good for us, too. We shouldn’t let that happen from just anyone. To have healthy boundaries in place, we should take critisism more seriously from people we know and trust. (This also applies to encouragement.)

This past summer, I was able to spend a week and a half with some family friends. They are Christians and are involved in their local church. We went to small group, Sunday service, and had some very interesting conversations about theology, denominations, etc. during that time. While all of that was well and good, it wouldn’t have meant as much if I wasn’t spending each day with them, going grocery shopping, interacting, solving problems, showing love to each other. Their lives reflected what they said they believed. That inspired me to live differently. Words are valuable and necessary, but never lose sight of what a life lived out in community is capable of. 


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