68. A Tradition of Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you find this day is full of family, friends, and thankfulness. Oh yes, and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without pumpkin pie. For me, this year is another one spent at home with my immediate family. In the past, it has made me sad to miss out on being with extended family and/ or friends on this holiday. This year, though, a friend of mine won’t get to go home from school for Thanksgiving – and he’s taking that in stride very well. I would do well to do the same.

Each year, and season, of our lives will be different. Some will give us seemingly endless reasons to be thankful, while in others we’ll find it much harder. Honestly, as Americans, we have life a whole lot better than most people. Even when life isn’t going our way, we can still be thankful – there is always a something small or big to thank God for. And we can always, always be thankful for the gift of salvation.

I hope and pray that on this day, and everyday, you spend time reflecting on all the good and perfect gifts in your life, and that at the very top of your list sits the gift of eternal life. (That is if you make lists. If not, than… You get my point, right?) 🙂


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