65. Pictures of Value

Pictures mean a lot to me. They carry memories in a flat, two-dimensional space. Maybe that’s why I like them, or maybe it’s because of the beauty each one can contain. Finding the perfect angle can tell a story perfectly.

For me, holding a camera helps me see the details and beauty around me. All of a sudden, the world comes to life in a new way.

My first year of college was filled with many great friends and memories. Scenes are stored away in my head. Like lunch at that round cement/rocky table and the great conversation that occurred there or sitting in the small classroom praying  for the school, our teachers and classmates with a few friends. Most of those sweet friends have now moved on from community college. I miss them and wish I had more pictures of our time together.


One of the few pictures I got that first year of college. It was finals week. I’m surprised we didn’t look more sleep deprived/ stressed!

Maybe I had many good reasons why I didn’t take pictures 2 years ago. things like focusing on genuine connect and being a good student. Things like not having a good camera on my phone. Hindsight is 20/20, though, and I now have greater appreciation for photos, (and a decent camera on my phone). So one goal I had going into this school year was to take pictures, to document at least a few parts of college.

Here are a selection of the memories I’ve captured so far:


A bright, beautiful, beneficial study session.



Hanging out at the library after class.


The guys like to bring guitars and make music on breaks. They come up with some weird songs sometimes haha. (P.S. I love how this photo turned out!)

I’m not sure how spiritual you can make photographs, but I’ll try. God is creative. When we are creative, we tap into one way God made us similar to Himself. I often feel closer to God when I’m being creative, and specifically when I’m taking pictures. On that note, being creative can mean so many things! Writing, playing music, drawing, putting together an outfit, decorating, loving well, viewing life in a different way… So don’t feel disqualified from being creative. You can be creative. You were made to be creative. Now go find your own way of doing so!


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