63. Love and Power

There are times when we see and feel God’s love clearly. Then those times come when we don’t feel or see anything. I’m beginning to see that this is not always the simple equation:

sin in your life = feeling far from God.

Sometimes God just seems further away, and while it may be disappointing, it’s not fateful. You can spend time in prayer and reading the Bible and not feel like you met with God, but you still spent time with Him. It only seems like we haven’t. And it’s only for a limited time; we will feel the intimacy once more.

Lately this pattern has been on a shorter, day to day basis for me. It’s been a practice in remembering the sweet things He has promised to fulfill in me. Even more specifically, I’m learning to step out into that promise. So often I don’t feel like living the life I’ve been called to. Yet, the Spirit will make it possible to do so if I’m willing.

“I am at work in you, giving you the desire and the power to fulfill My good purpose for you.” Philippians 2:13

I’ve met some amazing people who don’t follow Jesus, but in my experience, without His strength, I’m not going to make any truly lasting growth.

In my life right now, that verse looks like: saying hi to people I don’t know at school, being intentionally caring toward friends, focusing more on God than anxiety, practicing the presence of God…

But it’s also realizing that all this comes from God, who made the first step toward us. It means living in and from the unconditional love that Jesus extended. “My love for you is not based on your love for me.” 1 John 4:10

Once again, I find the Gospel at the center: that good, good story is a recurring theme. I hope I never escape it, either.

What is it that God is giving you the desire and power to do right now?


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