62. Focusing in or Out?

Just to be honest, I realized today, Thursday, at about 4:45 that today is the day I post on my blog. Oh yeah, did I mention I had no words typed up yet? Not sure whether I should blame college or myself for this… probably a bit of blame goes to each.

During a series on serving, one of my pastors gave an illustration that has stuck in my mind. He drew a circle and said it represented the sphere of our life- every aspect of it. Then he drew a bigger circle around it, which represented the bigger picture, or more specifically in this case, the Kingdom of God. Then he started drawing arrows, visually representing that you can live inward or outward. We can try to keep that circle that is our life neat, clean, perfect. That has been my point of view for so long, but I never realized it until that day.

It seems normal to want to have control of your life. When I have seemingly had the most “control” though, I was most afraid of losing it all. Funny how that works.

He went on to explain that the circle illustration shows how we can’t build our own kingdom and build God’s Kingdom at the same time. Either we’re focused in or out.  And when we are focused out, building God’s Kingdom, our life will get messy. While I’m sure reality is not this simple and straightforward, there is something here.

As a college student, focusing out is a challenge. Serving, loving friends and family, and telling about Jesus can seem like distractions from “the most important thing” also known as school. But honestly, I’m a Jesus follower first. I get to live with me for the rest of my life, after school is over (and arguably throughout eternity). That’s true for any season. “This too shall pass.” So when it does pass, will you be happy with the way you spent your time and resources?


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