51. Start With Awe

Last week I didn’t publish anything. Sorry for giving no notice, but there was a very good reason for that. I had an unexpected three day stay-cation and didn’t touch the computer the entire time. It was a nice, relaxing break. Anyway, now I’m back!

“Doesn’t matter what I feel
Doesn’t matter what I see
My hope will always be
In Your promises to me.”

– ‘Your Promises’ by Elevation Worship

Life can include a lot of emotions that seem to war against truths. That is the place I’ve been for a while now. As with any hard place, it helps you to see things differently. While I have experienced the despair and negative viewpoint that tries to force it’s way in during rough times, there is also good to be found. Specifically, God’s love and grace.

The presence of God seems to draw closer in times of trial. When I bring the hurt of my heart, or sometimes the hurt of my whole being, to the Father and expect Him to draw close and comfort, He does. These times are so sweet.

Acts of grace amaze me. How many years back does God work? Thinking about the intricate details that started years ago for a certain event to happen a certain way in my, or a friend’s, favor blows me away. A friend was in a head-on collision that should have left him dead instantly. Yet, he is in recovery right now. His father wrote a post about all the miracles that happened surrounding the event. They started years ago with his sister bought a different, more sturdy model car than she had her heart set on. That car eventually got handed down to my friend. Just a couple weeks before the accident, my friend put the driver’s seat back as far as it would go. The little things that contributed to the miracle go on and on. And this is not an abnormal event, we just don’t usually see it so clearly.

While the hard season is not often taken away, relief emotionally (and otherwise) comes in the perfect timing. Just a week ago, a friend and I went on a short hike to an overlook.


It was the perfect weather and we had planned to spend time with God when we arrived at the top. As we walked awe came, then peace and contentment overtook me. In the perfect timing, God places faith building, hopeful moments into our lives. I think they teach us to trust God and enjoy the very present moment. The moments of hope we need will come and the lessons we need to learn are in each experience, whether they’re good or bad.

Awe comes first, and it gives us the space to see beyond the hard or painful.


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