49. A Salt Lamp Analogy

I recently became the owner of a Himalayan salt lamp. They are very popular right now, but that’s not the reason one now sits on my night stand. Many claim there are health benefits from the heated blocks of salt. I don’t know if I believe them, but I’ll take my chances.

The thing I’ve come to like most about the salt lamp is its magical glow. it’s surprisingly soothing.

Copy of IMG_20160417_194942797

My salt lamp!

As I was contemplating the salt lamp and how it’s glow could relate spiritually, a bunch of things popped into my head.

Jesus is the light of the world and he told his followers to let their lights shine before men. But I wouldn’t compare Christians to a light bulb; a salt lamp is more like it. Why? There are multiple characteristics found in my rough-chunck-of-salt lamp that can’t be found in an ordinary, mainstream light bulb.

1. The salt lamp is imperfect. There are different shades of pink and white, lines, and even black spots. (To be quite honest, I thought it was kinda ugly when it first came out of the box.) Christians have flaws and each have unique personalities, struggles, and experiences; they’re compared to cracked jars of clay- and that’s a good thing!

2. The light is subtle. It’s not bright, pure white, and far reaching; rather the light put off is mild, comforting, and close to the source. During a sunny day you barely notice it but at night the light draws your eye. Christians must step into the dark places to let their light really shine. The painful, impossible, heartbreaking places are where the light of Jesus is most noticeable. In those dark places, the light is shown in a comforting way that attracts; not like a blinding headlight.

3. The light is diffused. All around the rock of salt, light goes out. Sure, some places are thicker and darker than others, not allowing as much through, but insy bits of light still can be seen. The hope Jesus gave and the en-dwelling of the Holy Spirit shine through every part of a Christians life. Some parts haven’t either gone through the refining fire, or been yielded yet, so they don’t allow the light through as easily. Even still, there is love and hope trying to come out everywhere.

The Holy Spirit is the light within. Our part is not to be perfect, but only to let Him shine.


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