47. Reasoning Every Action

NCIS is probably my favorite TV show ever. The characters are quite unique in their personalities, lifestyles, and specialties. Each one has an intriguing backstory that we see the effects of in the way they live. Gibbs for example is known to have an almost anti-social personality. The show slowly reveals why this is the case.

In one episode, Gibbs gladly takes on a few interns. That is out of character for him and his team is left confused.

DiNozzo: “Why do you think Gibbs suddenly wants to have interns around?”
Ziva: “I do not know.”
DiNozzo: “Gotta be a reason.”
Ziva: “Gibbs never does anything without a reason.”
DiNozzo: “Must be exhausting, reasons for everything.”

Much of my life I, like Gibbs, have had reasons for practically everything. At times, every insy-winsy decision has been analyzed. I laugh at DiNozzo’s comment about reasoning being exhausting but I have to admit, there is some truth in it.

Reasoning is shaded by nature. I tend to reason based upon my values and worldview. What my worldview is determines what it means to make my life count, which in turn tells me which choices are most valuable.

Thinking too much is bound to cause angst, as DiNozzo eludes to having experienced, and I can personally attest to. There must be a middle ground. One where analyzing isn’t our focus but there is still purpose in the decisions we make.

So many old testament stories come to mind. Abraham, David… but especially the prophets Elijah and Elisha. These two men, especially, lived intentional lives. Even when they weren’t hearing or speaking the words of God, they were observant and saw beneath visible actions to the motives of the heart. This seems to give them wise direction for even the smallest of life’s decisions.

Elijah and Elisha didn’t always make perfect decisions, though. I still admire them greatly.

Maybe, God produces in His children the ability to discern and make decisions from the heart. And when we mess up, because we will, it’s under the grace of God and blood of Jesus, with no space for guilt.


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