38. Advice for… Myself?

The road winds out behind

A magical mist covers each twist

The pain and joys seem different

All muted yet pronounced

Leaving lessons like ghosts

A treasure store of heartfelt advise to share

After all, hardship and trial are not only mine to bear

Surely someone would listen, my heart hopes

Surely someone would head my warnings

Surely someone would place encouragement into their heart

Then I turn around

Looking about, now I find myself lost

This journey has led to a place never dreamed of

Surprisingly, this life seems to demand more courage than ever before

So I peer instead into the dark trail ahead

Dreaming as though asleep I walk there

Problems dissipate; perfection abounds; possibilities seem endless

Who shall I become? How will I serve my Savior?

These questions jolt me back to the present

Decisions made now will take me there

Decisions so small they take hardly a thought

Most of all, the decision to be very present will take me there

Only the bravest live in the moment at hand

They are rewarded with a life well lived

So I tell myself, “Be strong” and “Have faith” in this courage-demanding moment

Just the same words I would share with those trekking behind.


Step forward in faith, rather than fear or apathy.



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