32. The Most Expensive Free Gift

The name of this blog is about grace, so it’s time that I wrote a post specifically on the topic. Never fear dear readers, this void shall now be filled.

Grace is like sea water. It fills in the rocky crevices so you don’t notice the flaws; smooths over the surface leaving a beautiful scene. It is sometimes calm, but always holds strength. Its depths are ever deeper, filled with treasures unimaginable. It may recede, but it is always coming back; you can count on that!

“Jesus Christ has fullness of grace and truth (John 1:16-17). Grace is God’s favor and kindness bestowed on those who do not deserve it and cannot earn it. If God dealt with us only according to truth, non of us would survive; but He deals with us on the basis of grace and truth. Jesus Christ, in His life, death, and resurrection, met all the demands of the Law; now God is free to share fullness of grave with those who trust Christ. Grace without truth would be deceitful, and truth without grace would be condemning.” – W. W. Wiresbe

That quote points to why we are in the age of grace; why it keeps flowing down into our lives. Jesus paid the ultimate price so we can be offered the most expensive, valuable gift: salvation by grace through faith.

Every time I try to grasp grace, I find there are far too many facets to allow understanding. This sustaining power, undeserving gift, and salvation at work from our heavenly Father is indescribable.

Even though it is not earned, something is expected of us when we are given grace. When people give gifts they usually expect some kind of response, if only a “thank you.” God also expects a response from of us when He gives us grace. We are still free to choose how we respond, as we are in any situation, but the choice we make has enormously far reaching consequences. That is why this post is ‘The Most Expensive Free Gift.’ Nothing is ever actually free; the value of the “free item” follows it wherever it goes. The most valuable thing in the universe has been given to us to steward.

There are different types of grace that God extends to us and each one comes with its own set of decisions and responsibilities. Over the next two or three posts, I will zoom in on a few of these specific types of grace and look at how we should respond as good stewards.



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