27. That Florida Weather

Pitter patter on the roof

Flash at the window

Rumble from outside.

Yes!! My favorite weather is occurring! A thunderstorm reminds me how big and present God is. Plus, they are a wonderful example of the spontaneity of weather.

Home in Virginia these beautiful storms are mild, short, and infrequent. So one of the best parts of spending 2 summer months in Florida for me was the fluctuating weather. Huge, dangerous storms would appear over the horizon in a matter of minutes. Other times, it would be a sunny day at camp, then we’d climb in the car to head to Dunkin Donuts and would drive right into a downpour that required the driver to press the brake. Then the rain drops would vanish back into the sunshine after a few miles, just as fast.

I wasn’t counting, but a WOL staff member said we experienced 21 days of drizzle. No sun… In the Sunshine State! Crazy, I know!

Water, water everywhere. Well, it was different.

Pools would start appearing after just a few minutes of rain!

Pools would start appearing after just a few minutes of rain!

The day that picture was taken I had to wonder if we would be stranded in the little snack shack we worked out of. The water just kept coming down. On the bright side, we had no customers, though. Ironically, the water slide pictured was closed because of the rain.

Which leads to the fact that we volunteers had to find a way from the Conference Center where we stayed to work, or the cafeteria, often without a vehicle. Quite a ways to walk, no  matter the weather! Let me tell you, walking in the rain is positively possible. The problem comes when it’s not just rain, but a downpour. Trust me, is not something you want to attempt before a shift of work.

Flooding occurred many times, as the sandy ground does not absorb water quickly.


Constant drizzle in the “forest.” You could blame all that water for the bright green, though.

Galoshes, a rain jacket, and an umbrella proved to be very, very handy dandy on those 21 days of heavy clouds!

After the 21 days without the sun showing off its rays, that fateful 22 day  was nearly blinding! Almost forgot what it looked like!


Florida looks good in sunshine! This is Clearwater Beach.


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