26. Pain and Supplements

Starting in 5th grade, my mom became interested in the whole natural supplement approach. We got our “blood checked” and life as I knew it was over. No peanut butter, bread, or sugar for 3 months people! Tough times! Who wants to tell their Sunday school teacher who’s giving candy to everyone, “I can’t accept.”??

No matter how terrible those times were, I lived to tell the tale. Over the years, my mom has attained quite the collection of herbal products. You could say there’s a natural supplement pharmacy within our kitchen cabinets. (And who am I kidding, it also spills over onto the counters.)

The lie that comes along with all these supplements is that every little hurt, new symptom, or cold can and should be cured easily. If your knees hurt from running, take MSN. If you are getting a sore throat, take some Olive Leaf.

Whether we like it or not, life includes pain and not so happy times. [Which includes getting sick. (Which is actually good for you– who knew right!?) ] There comes a point when trying to fix every little thing that goes wrong cuts into our ability to live life, though.

Not only that, but usually when there’s a real problem, it takes more than a simple solution. For example, Lyme Disease is teaching me right now that you have to drastically change your whole schedule to accommodate for treatment.

In much the same way, I don’t think God wants us to read the daily Bible verse to cure anxiety or produce patience.

It’s more like giving God rule over your schedule and your pain. He’s not a pharmacy willing to hand out pain killers whenever we ask. That wouldn’t be healthy at all!

He is ready and able to provide complete healing, in His own time.

BUT something to remember is that our weakness proves God’s power to us and those around us, so maybe these aches, pains, and “thorns” aren’t so bad after all!

(2 Corinthians 4:11)

What are some ways you deal with the pain in life? Are there any things you find yourself running to as a quick cure? Is something keeping you from trusting God with your pain?



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