24. Resolutions and Newness

Here comes 2016! It’s time once again to dream up what we want our lives to look like in the coming year and make resolutions that will get us there. I’m actually one of the people who doesn’t generally make a resolution December 31st. Highly critical of the practice over here.

See there’s one little problem: New Years resolutions have a knack for fading away by the time February 1st comes around.

Why is it that it’s so hard to stick with the changes that were vowed so wishfully the last day of the year?

“Dream” may be the key word here. You can be anything in the future. Changing yourself is much harder in the moment; some would argue that it’s impossible.

There’s one thing I know for sure as I walk into 2016. That is that God is for me, loves me, and with my surrender will bring the right change in my life.

Every day, every minute, is a chance to make a change and when you’re walking with Jesus, things have a way of changing every single day. It’s not even so much the patterns and habits that change, at least at first. Emotions and thoughts change, adding a new levels to life, making it new.

All things made new by our Creator.

Living in God’s grace to a fuller extent in the coming year sounds like a wonderful New Years resolution to me! Ask God to open your eyes and ears to His direction and grace in this coming year. It might turn out to be the best year yet, all because you got to know Jesus, your relentless lover, in a deeper way.


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