14. Dreaming

At the beginning of the dream, I was told what would work to fend off attackers. The man seemed nice; he was offering me good advice!

When the expected attack came, I started throwing blows, exactly as I had been told. The strange thing was that the very moves I had been told would serve as offensive, wasn’t even defensive! My frustration and helplessness was growing more and more. Why wasn’t it working? The advice had seemed so logical, still seemed like it should work. Yet, it was not doing anything, right before my eyes.

It was easy to get distracted by the blows being thrown me, so I hadn’t looked to see who I was dealing with. As soon as I did look up, I recognized the man who had given me the advice! Well that made sense, of course he would give me faulty information, so that he could destroy me.

At that point, I stayed no longer to try to earn the pride and glory of defending myself. I took to my heals and fled the place he had chosen for battle.

Satan, the one who wants to destroy us, is the man who gave the advice. He feeds beautiful lies to us every day. They make sense. Honestly, God’s way is the way that sometimes seems insane. The ending is what must be focused upon when logic is crushed, though. God is looking out for your best interest. Always.


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