19. An Author’s Heart

Have you ever attempted to write a story? This past week, hours were spent in the writing process, only to hit a roadblock. Officially, that would be called writer’s block. As my roommates/ co-workers from this past summer would probably call it, it’s the “you’re-being-too-nice-block.” Writing sentences that would bring harm to the character I just created was simply too much!! My conflicted heart was waging battle against my logical mind which told me the terrible thing was necessary for the storyline.

Writers have a hard job, much harder than I had ever imagined. (Trust me, I already had GREAT respect for the writers of all the fantastic books I’ve read over the years… Had no idea that respect could grow!)

As I stepped away from the pen and paper that was causing such anguish, God revealed something.  As the great Author, He never wants anything bad to happen to His creation. Just like me (except probably way more), He hurts deeply at the idea of it happening. We chose for sin to be in the world and now God will allow some bad things (or trials) to happen for the ultimate good (which we cannot understand). God’s heart for us is always the same, though, and He is present through the pain, even to the point of hurting more than we are. What else would motivate Jesus to come so far from heaven just to die?

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting Rock.”

– Isaiah 26:4

Maybe I’ll be a writer of stories, maybe not. I don’t know that my heart could take the continual wringing, but this lesson is one I’ll try to take with me. I sure am glad that God didn’t give up on our stories that brought Him pain!


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